Youth Ministry

For information regarding Youth Ministry, Confirmation or Edge programs, please contact our office.  We look forward to sharing our love of God with you!

Colin Longmore Youth Minister  (949) 234-1360 x329

youth Ministry upcoming events

  • EDGE

    6:30-8:00PM MondayS

    Mission Basilica school> Gym

    7th and 8th Graders - Join us for EDGE! On this night, we will be shifting focus to a new Sacrament, the Eucharist. This is the source and summit of our faith, like the summit of a mountain, and we are going to look at how deep the roots of out Eucharist go, plating games and having a blast all the while!

  • One NIght

    6:30- 8:30 FridayS

    Mission Basilica> youth room

    High School Teens - Join us for One Night. Tonight we will explore how our relationship with Christ can be transforming. Are you allowing Jesus to sit at your table and transform you? Is your new life in Jesus just a blessing to you or those that you encounter on your journey?


High School Teens - Join us for One Night. Tonight we will look into how God can take what we have to give to others and turn it into something much greater. We need to have faith to grasp that, however small or insignificant we think the things we can offer are, we serve a generous God who can multiply our acts of generosity to achieve far more than we can ever imagine.